Add-A-Room is the local supplier and fixer of all-in-one roofing solutions which are an ingenious combination of roofing, insulation and ceiling in one durable, functional and attractive panel. Using an insulated roofing system lets you enjoy the shaded ambient air temperature without attracting heat. The added bonus is that your home also benefits from this shaded non-heat-producing area. Whilst you can relax in cool comfort during the summer months you can equally enjoy the winter months in insulated warmth. Insulated roof panels are available through a number of suppliers and come in a multitude of colours and thicknesses. The roof panels have amazing spanning capabilities and can span up to 7 metres. These long spans reduce the clutter of rafters and, therefore, give a sleek, contemporary ceiling finish.

More features of insulated roofing are:

  • Available in ribbed and corrugated profiles
  • Cost effective and low maintenance
  • Fewer posts, allowing for more open space
  • Minimises noise from rain and storms
  • Matches existing house roof profile and colours
  • Water-tight joining system
  • Concealed ducting for electrical cables for a cleaner finish
  • 1000 mm coverage

Single skin roofing is also available for patios, decks, carports and covers. These can be custom designed to suit your home and your budget and are available in a range of popular styles and roofing options. Why not protect your car, boat and trailer from the damaging effects of the weather with a fully engineered carport.

Opening roofs can transform your deck, verandah, patio, BBQ area, spa or swimming pool areas. With interlocking louvres that easily adjust up to 180 degrees, you can keep out the glare of the sun while enjoying the coolness of the breeze. If it rains, the louvres close quickly and completely for total water protection.