Here is Addaroom’s newest project ………… a four bedroom, three bathroom tri level house in Coffs Harbour which, upon completion, will be available for purchase.

We believe this home is unique due to the materials being used in its construction.  We started the project as normal with excavation, digging and pouring piers and concrete slabs. 


Then it gets interesting as we have decided to use a product called Dincel Construction System which is a waterproof polymer formwork for our internal walls and retaining walls.  Heavy and long horizontal steel bars are placed inside the polymer webs and then they are filled with concrete.

20151117_084742 20151222_154350


The remainder of the internal walls together with the external walls are InsulWalls from Bondor.  When looking to build your new home, you can’t go past the InsulLiving® System. This System ‘is a fully engineered, BCA compliant Building System that is lightweight, straight forward and green’.

InsulWall® by Bondor® is a complete walling system combining insulation between two steel skins to form a structural and load bearing panel. InsulWall® panels lock easily together and when coupled with Solarspan® roofing, they form a fully insulated, structural shell. InsulWall® is produced using Bluescope steel which allows the direct rendering on the outside, and painting on the inside, without costly and time consuming additional layers.

SolarSpan® by Bondor combines roofing, insulation and ceiling in one durable, functional and attractive panel. It is up to 50% faster to install than conventional roofing including trusses and insulation. Large spans are achievable, reducing the need for support structures and enabling spacious living areas. It offers an attractive smooth ceiling without the need for plastering or painting and superior thermal performance when compared to a traditional roofing system and maintains its insulating integrity for the life of the home.

The benefits of using the InsulLiving System to build your new home are:

  • Quicker build time – 34% faster than traditional builds means earlier occupancy.
  • Thermal efficiency to result in ongoing significant energy savings
  • Acoustic benefits with the insulated panels acting to ‘dampen’ outside noise
  • No chance of structural damage due to termite infestation
  • Easy maintenance and the modular system makes it simple to complete additions whilst maintaining the overall aesthetics and integrity of the home.
  • High ceilings provided by the SolarSpan® insulated roofing system resulting in the wide open appearance of all rooms.

20160310_155057 20160407_112553


Insulwall example2 Insulwall example

Insulwall example3

For more information on the Insulwall system by Bondor visit:

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